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Platform carts

Product Features:

Model XP Platform

All welded construction (excluding casters)

304 stainless with premium #4 polished shelves in durable 16 gauge

1-1/2" x 14 gauge thick stainless corner angle, and caster mounts with "twin caster hole pattern" to mount various sized casters

Bolt on casters, 2 swivel & 2 rigid

Tubular handle with smooth radius bend for comfort and uniform appearance - 30" handle height above platform

Cart shelf dimensions:

        Model XP    Top Shelf Height 8"    Shelf Clearance N/A


Platform with Removable Handle

W x L     Weight Cap
(inches) Stainless Caster Steel Caster (lbs)
Model XP
18 x
30 XP130-S5 XP130-U5 1200
36 XP136-S5 XP136-U5 1200
24 x 36 XP236-S5 XP236-U5 1200
48 XP248-S5 XP248-U5 1200
30 x 48 XP348-S5 XP348-U5 1200
60 XP360-S5 XP360-U5 1200

Available Options:

Brakes (swivel only) - Code BX (stainless) Code B5 (non-stainless)

All swivel casters - Code AS

Vinyl matting on top shelf - Code VM