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We point with particular pride to our reputation for service. We are dealing with major companies throughout the United States to solve their material handling and mobility problems. If the first solution does not fit the whole bill, we continue to work it until it does. Below are just some of the handling and mobility problems we have solved.


Wal-Mart is convinced of the value of our stainless steel casters. Knowing that they had a serious problem in the baking operations of their super stores, they prescribed our high temp stainless steel casters for all their new and replacement baking racks. We are selling more than 20,000 of these casters to them this year. Many other fine grocery chains have begun selecting this caster, including Kroger, HEB, Marsh, Safeway, BI-LO, Seaway and P&C.

Dell Computer Corporation

We have sold and installed vacuum systems for the computer assembly lines at Dell Computers to assist the employees in handling the computers, reducing injuries and fatigue, and speeding the process. Projects that began in Austin, Texas have now spread to Dell plants in Tennessee and even as far as China.

Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs had particular problems in the processing plant, requiring easy to roll carts to move around their heavy chemicals. We found the solution in ergonomic casters that everyone could roll with little effort. In the process, we outfitted more than 1000 carts with this solution.

Medical Facilities

Zinc-plated casters do not survive in hospitals because of the required cleaning they must endure. Such casters on equipment that must be sterilized in autoclave units will rust and seize up in only a few months. Many of the hospitals in the Houston, Texas area are beginning to see the light. As we continue to become known with the stainless steel solution, more and more hospitals will take this problem off of their schedule.

York International

Rather than move their large industrial air conditioning units with huge expensive overhead cranes, York decided to adopt Air Casters to transport their 50 ton units. Think about spending about $50,000 for air casters rather than $350,000 for the cranes needed to move this heavy equipment!


IBM looked to us to manage a program to design a lift device to handle the installation of new servers. We worked the problem with them for more than 18 months. It required pulling together numerous fabricators and suppliers to meet this need for more than 200 lift devices to be shipped world-wide. The introduction of this tool will save them millions of dollars in manpower and installation travel.